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il capitano ristorante

Tým il capitano ristorante praha

We are yachtsmen, sailing the seas and oceans, visiting various towns and ports. We regularly seek out local restaurants where we can enjoy the great food and atmosphere. After returning to Prague, we always feel a little disappointed that similar dishes are only served in expensive restaurants, while on the other hand most average restaurants skimp on quality ingredients.

We decided that we should try to transfer our travel experiences to Prague, and thus the concept of ‘il capitano ristorante’, a Mediterranean Restaurant with a yachting theme, was born. Our primary focus is on original Italian recipes prepared exclusively from the quality ingredients that we source from several countries. We import fresh fish, spices, meat, and make our own pasta, pizza dough, daily desserts, fresh lemonades and pastries. We have created an atmosphere and concert of flavours that always compels us to return home, which is why our motto is “You will always want to come back…”

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All of the dishes on our daily menu are prepared from the same ingredients as the delicacies from our main menu. We use select ingredients and fresh produce and never use substitutes or ready-made meals.

We import spices, salami, cheese and other delicacies from Italy as well as quality vegetables, flour, etc. Meat is sourced directly from carefully selected small-scale farms, and our fish and seafood is freshly caught in Italy and Argentina. Customer satisfaction is our priority!


il capitano ristorante

Slavíkova 1571/6
130 00 Praha 3
tel: +420 222 939 434

e: info@ilcapitano.cz
fb: www.facebook.com/ilcapitanoristorante

monday – thursday: 11:30 – 23:00
friday – saturday: 11:30 – 24:00
sunday: 11:30 – 23:00


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